Scale up your sales unit

If you are building a scalable sales unit planning for massive growth you don't want hiring to become your bottleneck. Long story short: Hiring is selling a position to an individual who is a fit for your company. When scaling up a sales unit in a fast-growing business, a thorough process that performs is key. In this video, co-founder and CEO Phil is taking you through our hiring process.Our process has 3 steps:- Talent acquisition- Talent recruiting - Talent closingHere’s the process we follow at begin with generating leads for potential candidates via LinkedIn outbound, our network, and recommendations. We send candidates to a landing page, where we transparently explain who we are, what we do, and how much they can earn in a detailed video.After that, candidates can click on “Apply Now” and fill out a form telling us about their previous experiences, what brought them to ComX, etc.Our recruiting team detects candidates who’d be a great fit for us. They are then invited to a group interview (inspired by Nick Kozmin) where we have them introduce themselves, ask them a couple of questions, and then do a Q&A.If they are interested, we ask them to send us a letter of motivation along with their CV within 24 hours. We then review the application based on our list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, and invite the selected candidates for a personal interview.We mix up our interview panel to include people from different departments to avoid any biases. The final interview has 4 sections:1. General cognitive ability test.2. Role-related knowledge test where we do a role play based on a case study.3. Asking situation-based questions, where candidates either tell us how they faced a situation in the past or explain how they’d act in an imaginary scenario we give them.4. The "spark test", where we try to understand what drives them. To get selected, they need to pass 3/4 tests.For those who didn’t make it, we try to give feedback within 72 hours, explaining why they weren’t selected and how they can improve themselves.